Copy of Blumanna Roots

Founder Dr Carla Burns passion is all about optimizing health and wellness through bridging the gap between science and spirituality. Carla’s love for healing the mind, body and spirit began as a child. She remembers often creating old wives' remedies and researching ancient spiritual practices as early as her junior high school years. This love for a holistic approach to wellness, specifically high-frequency foods and how thoughts create things, inspired Dr Carla to develop the QiVibe App. This digital platform offers education to awaken consciousness and self -reflection features to the subscriber based on eastern principles of TCM combined with new science of quantum theory. She attributes the knowledge she gained through Quantum University as the catalyst to bring QiVibe App to the masses. 
An established entrepreneur and best selling author, Carla has achieved a master level success in her life from building teams worldwide with over a billion in sales, creating wellness products, a founding partner and advisory board of a new patented technology, and speaking to thousands of people about quantum success... but her true passion is quantum wellness. 

Over the years Carla experienced her own healing and witnessed the transforming power of  frequency in faith, food, thoughts and the human potential to overcome life circumstances. She is also a thought leader with captivating interviews from healers around the world on her “Claim Your Power” podcast.

Founder Krystale, is originally from England and has spent a lot of her life traveling and working with women and children. She began her work as a independent photojournalist covering varies world events such as the EU opening its boarders to Roma people of Bulgaria, the tsunami In India, the earthquake of Haiti and spent time in various other countries highlighting the need for access to clean water, healthcare and education for women and children.
When Krystale became a mother her focus shifted to helping families understand their legal rights and alternative healthcare options. She co-launched a health and wellness business to educate families on holistic approaches to eating and sustaining optimum health. Her other interests have included working with the foster care system, being a rape crisis advocate and raising awareness for human rights. She and her family live in the country and enjoy life on their mini-farm.